ABSOLUTELY FILIPINO, a quarterly magazine in British Columbia, Canada, and it was founded on February 2014.  It is a unique inspirational and lifestyle magazine intended for all Filipinos anywhere in the world and non-Filipinos who have a strong bonding with our people including those who are interested in connecting with the us. We welcome everyone.

ABSOLUTELY FILIPINO is designed to provide informative, entertaining, beneficial, realistic and honest reading material that will suit the taste and satisfy the needs of our Kababayan and all our readers.  This is heart-warming, soul-stirring, inspirational, and optimistic.

The people behind ABSOLUTELY FILIPINO are Filipinos coming from various part of the world, mostly working on a voluntary basis.

To sum things up, ABSOLUTELY FILIPINO is comprised of contributing writers, photographers and artists, which all shares the same love and enthusiasm towards the Philippines and the Filipino people.

​Why Filipino Audience?

​I firmly believe that if we, Filipinos, are fused together as one, nothing could really hinder us from creating a well-defined and tremendous influence in our society. That is why, this is dedicated to our beloved fellow Filipinos who have touched our lives, to those who performed above and beyond the call of their duty, to those who’s not in any way become tired of doing great things for his family and to those whom we cherish the most.  And through this magazine, I want to showcase how noble a Filipino man can be whenever he is given the opportunity to display and prove it.  I know we can always shine and excel in our every crafty endeavour, in every role that is entrusted to us, in every responsibility that is being placed on our shoulders, and in every test that we are about to take. We glory in being able to survive and recover quickly even in the midst of surging storms.


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